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Why Vehicle Maintenance is Important You have invested thousands of dollars in your vehicle, so you need to be sure to maintain your vehicle properly. This is not the only reason to take regular vehicle maintenance seriously. There are several other factors that need to be considered. Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Just by following the regular maintenance schedule, you can keep several vehicle problems at bay. When you are traveling in your vehicle, the last thing you want is a car breakdown.

Keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule can help by preventing costly repairs of the cooling system, transmission system, drive train and other components. Preventive car care reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components that extend the life of your vehicle. Increased Safety A car breakdown at night on a quiet road can be a dangerous situation. You can never predict what may happen when you are stranded on a quiet road. Regular maintenance reduces the probability of a car breakdown and your car will be in great condition to support your journey. Checking treads of tires and air pressure is important for your vehicle for a strong grip on the road. It also plays an important role in the comfort of the journey.

Reduced Repair Costs Regular maintenance doesn’t cost much but unexpected repairs and replacements can be expensive. Engine and other components don’t fail without a reason. When you neglect maintenance, it gives way to minor problems developing that can become major with continued neglect of vehicle maintenance. Regular maintenance of your vehicle gives you an opportunity to check whether there are any signs of minor problems like cracks, leaks, as well as excessive wear and tear due to friction. If you pay attention to these things and perform repairs, the specific part can be saved and you will not need a replacement for a long time. In a way, vehicle maintenance extends the longevity of the engine and other components and reduces the need for an early replacement. Thus, it helps in reducing repair costs as well. Here are some routine inspections that are performed during vehicle servicing and maintenance. Fluids; various vehicle systems use fluids. Brake fluid for example is hydroscopic and although it is enclosed in tight cambers, it absorbs water. This affects the safety of your braking system so manufacturers recommend replacing your brake fluid every two years! If you neglect vehicle maintenance, there will more wear and tear of the engine and other components, and ultimately you will be required to replace them.

Tyres The right air pressure and proper rotation ensures equal wearing of your tyres. Maintaining the correct air pressure is the easiest thing to do and you can get it done at the petrol station when refueling. It doesn’t take much time but it goes long way in increasing petrol mileage and reducing wear and tear, as well as increasing the safety and stability of your car. Auto experts suggest vehicle owners service ther vehicle and have their oil changed every 10,000 kilometers, or once per year. It is essential to maintain your engine in good condition and a regular oil change avoids the build-up of corrosive elements in your oil that can damage your motor. We love cars! If you need your vehicle serviced come and visit at one of our three Auckland locations. We specialise in auto electrical and vehicle mechanical work.

Savings in the Long Run

Always remember, vehicle maintenance might cost you a few hundred dollars while replacements and emergency repairs can cost thousands more and occur at the most inconvenient time! Avoid stress with regular vehicle maintenance and avoid being stranded due to a breakdown. Regular maintenance ensures that in the long run you save on vehicle repairs, and ensure the safety of your vehicle.


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