Vehicle Suspension and Steering Systems

Vehicle Suspension & Steering Systems

Is It Time for a Suspension Check?

It’s often easy to tell if your car’s suspension is having problems, but it can be difficult to diagnose the actual reason for the actual problem. Bad or worn shocks, struts, springs, tie rods or ball joints can cause costly damage to your vehicle and make it unsafe to drive.

One tell-tale sign is if your car becomes hard to steer, especially at low speed, something is likely wrong with the suspension. Because your steering is tied into the suspension and the two rely on each other to get their respective jobs done. Pay attention to the way your car steers and brakes and get anything unusual checked out by a mechanical professional. After all it’s the way you control your car and keep everyone safe!

Unfortunately, the suspension and steering is often taken for granted. Even though it supports the entire weight of your vehicle and can affect your cars steering and stopping ability. Suspensions are more than just a smooth ride. Worn-out suspension affects your ability to control the car, especially when stopping or turning.

Pay attention to how your car handles, the sounds it makes, and have problems checked immediately as they come up.

Sure, wear and tear happens, it comes with every part of a car whenever we drive it. With regular wear and tear also comes with the need for a regular inspection and maintenance plan.

Suspension maintenance and repairs are just as important as any other maintenance items, like oil changes or brakes. If you ignore problems now, you will likely end up with more costly repairs or worse be involved in an accident due to the poor performance of steering, suspension and tyres.

Worn out shocks can mean big problems if you don’t get them replaced.

Shock absorbers keep your tyres on the road. If they didn’t, the car would bounce all over the road and become uncontrollable. Shock absorbers serve to “absorb” the bumps and bounces. When they wear out, you will likely feel it in the performance and controlability of your car. If they fail entirely, your car and you may get damaged.

If your car drifts or pulls to one side, you need a suspension and steering check now. With winter on the horizon this is particularly important.

Brakes, tyres and suspension work together to help you stop is a safe manner and in as short a distance as possible.

So, one thing you can do right now is check the tyre pressures on your car. An underinflated tyre can cause the entire car to ride strangely, including pulling to one side. You’ll also experience uneven tire wear all around and decreased petrol mileage.

Have the alignment checked. A poor alignment will cause uneven tyre wear, which then becomes another potential cause of the car drifting or pulling.

If the suspension is damaged, get it fixed to avoid bigger issues. If your car drifts or pulls, a tie rod, spring, or control arm could be broken. This will cause severe difficulty in steering and affect your ability to control the car. Go to a mechanic and have it fixed immediately.

Superior Automotive Service can help with your suspension and steering repairs.

Suspension and steering are probably the most important components for the control and safety of your car. It’s critical to get them inspected periodically and repaired if you experience problems.

If you start noticing any of the steering and suspension problems mentioned here, you can book a time here to get one of our professional mechanics to diagnose the problem and recommend next steps for repair.

Superior Automotive Service Suspension Repairs

Superior Automotive Service Suspension Repairs

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Savings in the Long Run

Always remember, vehicle maintenance might cost you a few hundred dollars while replacements and emergency repairs can cost thousands or more. So regular maintenance not only ensures you are not left stranded due to a breakdown, but also ensures that in the long run you save on vehicle repairs.

At Superior Automotive Services we are an AA Approved Repairer

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